Gentoo Linux - Visual Installer Project

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It’s, IMHO, the project that can give to Gentoo the right “power” and “motivation” to become the BEST source-based distribution in the world (is it not already? ;)). The installer looks really coerent with the “manual-old-style” Gentoo Installation and offers an on-line help to guide the user through the (beautiful) installation process. There is a graphical partitioning tool and … ... read more

L'università non sceglie Linux

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Interessante digressione di OSBlog su un problema PESANTEMENTE SENTITO da me (come altri miei colleghi) dell’uso SBAGLIATO, INDISCRIMINATO E SENZA MOTIVO di software a pagamento nei centri di ricerca e nelle università (soprattutto dove si potrebbe evitare, anche e soprattutto per motivi didattici). Dal mio punto di vista, sono diversi anni che suggerisco (ormai sempre con meno vigore… gli ignoranti ... read more

Nuova bufera su Fazio e Antonveneta

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Sembra proprio che la questione sia più grande di quanto ci abbiano voluto far credere sin ora: i magistrati, dichiarano, indagavano su Fazio già dall’estate. Il Governo comincia a spaccarsi (Bossi liquida Fazio come “già scomparso” mentre Berlusconi ammonisce “non sarà una nuova mani pulite”): cominciano ad uscire fuori gli scheletri dagli armadi? Staremo a vedere. Intanto tutto il paese ... read more

iTunes Signature Maker

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It’s a java applet that make a “signature mix” of your library based on information like rating or number of plays. Here my signature (and here). Here the site where you can found the iTSM. Here the post of MelaBlog that highlight to me this news. -EDIT- My Signature Structure: Paramilitar Ska-P To The Place E-The-Hot feat. Lil’ Nova E’ ... read more

Woz sell his home

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Wozland: it’s the name that Wozniak use for it’s “child-centric” home. And, it’s on “for sale”. Here the brochure. From MelaBlog. ... read more

MacWorld at San Francisco at January, 9-13 2006

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I’m sure: all mac users already know what the next MacWorld promise to deliver us. I wants only to “highlight” you the sure date and the official link: Jobs, of course, present the event the January 9. Any idea about that? :D :D :D ... read more

Google will not sell music...

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… but continue to do the thing that Google make in the BEST WAY: This is the new service that the big G offers: centralization of Music search, getting data from stores like iTunes Music Store MSN Music CD Universe Real Rhapsody and some others. Offers Album indicization (obviously) and other amazing services like lyrics. I hope Google offers ... read more

Ice Age 2

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Yes, I’m sure I’ll like this film much too much. Here the Teaser and the first Trailer. Notice: The quality of the trailers is STRONGER. The algorithm H.264 developed by Apple and released as open format is demonstrating it’s power!!! ... read more

Some important curricula/about-web-site

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Ok ok ok. You already know very well that URLs but… I don’t. Want’s to kill me? :( Jef Raskin web page Steve Jobs CV (and homepage on .Mac) Steve Wozniak The page of Jobs looks like a “by-hand-personally-work”: if you take a look of the movies, you can understand with what software he make them. On the Raskin page ... read more

Luigi Tenco's changing hope

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Grillo talks about a mail that a good friend of Luigi Tenco, Gino Paoli, sends to it. In the mail Paoli talks about: ... Another journalist who wants to ask me about Luigi. But I believe that a friend should leave him in peace. They say that things about his death are not clear, but who is it that has ... read more