The Stupid Olympics

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I’m baffled on how stupid the British officials and politicians are. The entire show, is as bad in practice as it looks good on TV. Business starving for customers in Central London No one has tickets: either because are too expensive or because buying tickets was a Olympic sport on it’s own Empty stations and entire city areas because of ... read more

GhostDriver: a quick update

  • 112 words

For whom might concern. Development of GhostDriver has been “slowed down” in the past 2/3 weeks for unforeseen heavy work schedule. The project is not dead AT ALL. Actually, important work has been done: I have implemented support for handling into the current PhantomJS master. This new feature in PhantomJS is KEY to unlock a whole set of functionalities ... read more

GhostDriver: almost 50%

  • 548 words

This post is long overdue. It’s weeks that I HAVE TO write it and yet couldn’t find the time to put it together. Oh well, better late than… Since my talk about GhostDriver at the Selenium Conference 2012 I have received lots of interest from the community about GhostDriver: finally a WebDriver for PhantomJS. If you haven’t followed me so ... read more

Git rebase: be a mother, not a plastic surgeon

  • 845 words

Today I’m going to share a little tip about the use of Git. In contributing to open source projects, it happens sometimes that I have a long running branch; something on which I need to work for more than just few hours. The kind of work that goes on for weeks, sometimes months. **UPDATE: ** Matt suggested a great doc ... read more

Me @ the Selenium Conference 2012

  • 221 words

It’s widely spread opinion that at some point of our career we, software people, should start giving speeches and talks. I’m firmly convinced that THAT is not for me, and I want to carve my ears out of my head every time I hear my heavily-accented-english, mixed with my ability to cut words and make the message come across barely ... read more

A good memory is better than a sad reality

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In the past few weeks/months an interesting trend started: game producers want to bring back to life genera that have come and gone. The most famous (has been on the tech-news channels for weeks) is Double Fine Adventure, the same people that have crafted incredible games that have colored my (our?) past: **Double Fine Productions** Founded in 2000 by industry ... read more

My current stake in PhantomJS

  • 395 words

I have been spending a lot of time on PhantomJS in the last couple of months. But feels like I could have done much more: there are so many interesting issues to work on in the official tracker. ** Hey, why don’t you give us a hand? :) ** Some English expressions still puzzle me... Here is where my stake ... read more

PhantomJS REPL: it's ready for a taste

  • 305 words

After 2 months of on-off working on this, I finally managed to make something I’m happy with: a REPL for PhantomJS. The last post I wrote about this was in November 2011 (!!!). But I started putting code together only in Jan 2012. So, overall, from the first commit until today is almost 2 months. First thing first: how do ... read more

Web dev: do we need to raise the bar?

  • 387 words

Articles like this one and initiatives like “pre-fix the Web”, aim to highlight to web-developers how important is to build a cross-browser web. The importance of such a point has been explained in so many places, there is no point in me saying anymore. People like Tim Huegdon can give you a far better lesson on this. But if you ... read more

My Rhinoceros likes WebSocket, not leafs

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Last week I started implementing W3C Sockets API into a Rhino based JavaScript runtime. It seems like plumbing API from one environment to another is one of the activity I do the most. And if you dare doing a joke about my Italian-ness and Super Mario… you will be pointed in the direction of the door. Here I want to ... read more