JigSaw autopsy

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Saw 4 is on is way. And who LOVE this series knows that will be very very… very difficult to make something better than the previous movies. But this clip, with the autopsy of JigSaw, is just PERFECT!!! Everything as usual: unexpected and bleeding. Probably… a little bit of spoilering… or not? I think not! Take a look and let ... read more

Clive Owen shakes Madonna

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This short movie is not very “about” [en:BMW], but no one will forget it!!! </param></param></embed> Title: BMW M5 with Madonna Abstract: BMW M5 commercial with Madonna very funny and sweet ass car. Source, cine|blog.it. ... read more

My iPod Video 30GB on eBay

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Update 2007-09-14: I re-listed it on eBay because they contacted me and said that I’ll receive my money for the 2 auction back. As usual, eBay has a great Customer Care (or, at least, this is my present and past experience about that). Update 2007-09-12: I sold it twice. Twice was a spoof/fake. :( A fake account on eBay bought ... read more

Picture of the Day

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Just a bunch of geniuses (that make one of the best things in the world of [en:Information Technology]) ;) . This picture was taken during the last Kernel Summit 2007. Source, PollyCoke. ... read more

Video of the Day

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I posted a lot of time ago a promotional-candid-camera from Shell+Ferrari. The main character was the Great [en:Michael Schumacher]. Today I received an email from: Steven Field Online Advocacy Edelman Washington, DC He says he work with Edelman doing online public relationship for [en:Shell_Oil_Company|Shell]. And that Shell has done other candid camera, this time with [en:Felipe Massa]. Enjoy! </param></param></embed> Title: ... read more

HiEuro 0.2

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Here we are. 0.2. 0.2 of nothing but a “divertissment” which help me to learn better and better the Cocoa Framework, and discover all the magic stuff it does. The release notes is: 0.2 (2007-09-09) Support for Italian, Spanish, French and German (Thanks to Manu). New "Preferences" panel to set the "Default Currency" to convert from/to and the "Default Currency ... read more

Picture of the Day

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Update 10th of Sep 2007: The name of the Restaurant is “Sig. Grilli - Ristorante Pizzeria” in 40 Goodge Street, London W1. I wrote a review about it in Italian ;) It was parked in Tottenham Court Road. We were just out of an Italian Restaurant (£25.00 each… for a beef steak and House’s Red Wine!!!)… when I saw it: ... read more

HiEuro 0.1

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First release, first problem. After a lot of research about the standard [en:ISO 4217] (the one that define the “3 letter name” for every currency in the world) and all the symbols of European currencies, I miss one: the [en:Slovenian Tolar]. If someone is able to find it out and, ideally, to give me the relative [en:Unicode_Symbols Unicode] it will ... read more

Let's start experimenting new flavours

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I started. What? My “project” of learn how to write (serious) apps for Mac OS X. Using Cocoa. Details on the “official” page: Experiments with Cocoa. Cocoa Butter... What’s the first “experiment”? HiEuro! ... read more

Google Desktop on (My) Mac

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I tried it from the first release, but I was disappointed because of the “heavyness” of the indexing process: all my apps seems to be like “yawning” at every interaction I did. But because I like Google (yes, I said! I like it!) I thought “why don’t give to it another chance?”. I read a post on the Official Google ... read more