Clive Owen shakes Madonna

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This short movie is not very “about” [en:BMW], but no one will forget it!!! </param></param></embed> Title: BMW M5 with Madonna Abstract: BMW M5 commercial with Madonna very funny and sweet ass car. Source, cine| ... read more

My iPod Video 30GB on eBay

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Update 2007-09-14: I re-listed it on eBay because they contacted me and said that I’ll receive my money for the 2 auction back. As usual, eBay has a great Customer Care (or, at least, this is my present and past experience about that). Update 2007-09-12: I sold it twice. Twice was a spoof/fake. :( A fake account on eBay bought ... read more

Picture of the Day

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Just a bunch of geniuses (that make one of the best things in the world of [en:Information Technology]) ;) . This picture was taken during the last Kernel Summit 2007. Source, PollyCoke. ... read more

Video of the Day

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I posted a lot of time ago a promotional-candid-camera from Shell+Ferrari. The main character was the Great [en:Michael Schumacher]. Today I received an email from: Steven Field Online Advocacy Edelman Washington, DC He says he work with Edelman doing online public relationship for [en:Shell_Oil_Company|Shell]. And that Shell has done other candid camera, this time with [en:Felipe Massa]. Enjoy! </param></param></embed> Title: ... read more

HiEuro 0.2

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Here we are. 0.2. 0.2 of nothing but a “divertissment” which help me to learn better and better the Cocoa Framework, and discover all the magic stuff it does. The release notes is: 0.2 (2007-09-09) Support for Italian, Spanish, French and German (Thanks to Manu). New "Preferences" panel to set the "Default Currency" to convert from/to and the "Default Currency ... read more

Picture of the Day

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Update 10th of Sep 2007: The name of the Restaurant is “Sig. Grilli - Ristorante Pizzeria” in 40 Goodge Street, London W1. I wrote a review about it in Italian ;) It was parked in Tottenham Court Road. We were just out of an Italian Restaurant (£25.00 each… for a beef steak and House’s Red Wine!!!)… when I saw it: ... read more

HiEuro 0.1

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First release, first problem. After a lot of research about the standard [en:ISO 4217] (the one that define the “3 letter name” for every currency in the world) and all the symbols of European currencies, I miss one: the [en:Slovenian Tolar]. If someone is able to find it out and, ideally, to give me the relative [en:Unicode_Symbols Unicode] it will ... read more

Let's start experimenting new flavours

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I started. What? My “project” of learn how to write (serious) apps for Mac OS X. Using Cocoa. Details on the “official” page: Experiments with Cocoa. Cocoa Butter... What’s the first “experiment”? HiEuro! ... read more

Google Desktop on (My) Mac

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I tried it from the first release, but I was disappointed because of the “heavyness” of the indexing process: all my apps seems to be like “yawning” at every interaction I did. But because I like Google (yes, I said! I like it!) I thought “why don’t give to it another chance?”. I read a post on the Official Google ... read more

I love Mountain Bikes

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I went inside the store ( to choose a Town&Trial Bike (also known as Touring Byke): just because I have to go around “a city”. But when I saw her I forgot about any “stupid-little-tiny-weels-bike” and just loved her at first sight! <img src="$prod$" alt="Apollo FS.26 SE Mens 20" Full Suspension Mountain Bike" /> Apollo FS.26 SE Mens 20" Full ... read more