Carbon Copy Cloner meets Intel

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Yeah: today is time for meetings :D !!! By TUAW a news that anyone (like me? without money?) was waiting for: CCC aka Carbon Copy Cloner is [en:Universal Binary]. This means that now it runs on [en:MacIntel] too. But, what’s new in this beta release? Carbon Copy Cloner 3 was completely rebuilt from the ground up to bring a new ... read more

XCode meets Mono

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And… seems to be a nice meeting. ;) After a lot of development, the comunity surrounding the project realeases last stable version of Mono. What about [en:Mac_OS_X Mac OS X]? Here is a dedicated page on the official wiki of Mono. And, in particular, I’m happy to highlight a tutorial/howto about XCode and Mono integration: CSharpPlugin. I know that ... read more

Anche le Pulci hanno la Tosse

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O, nella versione originale in Napoletano: Pur eh Pullece tenn 'a Toss Questo post è un VOLUTO E CERCATO sfottò che da il benvenuto ad un nuovo blog di un amico mio e di Nemo: Fauchone (aka Faucho aka Tato…). Sono certo che apprezzerai ;) . E che tutta la comunità anche lo farà: ha qualcosa da dire e lo ... read more

Boicottare la Carne Cremonini

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Non aggiungo altro al post di Nemo: leggetelo con giudizio ed attenzione. Resterete sorpresi (è ancora possibile) da un’altra “storia Italiana”. Una storia dove, come al solito, la fanno da padrone interesse personale, danni ai cittadini… e processi “boicottati” dai nostri portentosi media (ah, si è salvato solo Report…). ... read more

Learn Cocoa: a new howto

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TUAW today highlights this new Tutorial about Cocoa: Learn Cocoa (part II). Some people on TUAW say that: ... there wasn't actually any coding involved... But it was about the first part, that is “introductive”. In this second part seems that things are changing. I haven’t readed yet to give a valutation; but I’ll do… I promise. Stay tuned. ... read more

Ci è sfuggita una sottigliezza...

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… che però è più che fondamentale. Quando siamo stati alla “Giornata di Informazione Tecnologica” ci siamo fatti “fregare” dalle parole degli Evangelist Microsoft circa una sottigliezza a dir poco SCONCERTANTE. Su [en:Windows_Vista|Windows Vista] non si possono installare programmi SE NON come Admin. Questo vuol dire che non si può installare nulla, nemmeno il [en:Mame] o l’emulatore della [en:Playstation|Play]. Con ... read more

I'm looking for a Flatmate

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Hi. This post is for any Londoner that is looking for a flatmate or a lodger… and that waste their time on my weblog ;) . I’m looking for a long-term accomodation in [en:London]: a studio or a flat (also shared with max 3/4 people). I’m looking for something furnished, with 1 or 2 bathroom (for a better sharing), kitcken ... read more

Contagiousness of Yawning

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Lelly have rised my curiosity about “why the yawn is so contagious?”. And, obviously, Wikipedia has the answer: Contagiousness The yawn reflex is often described as contagious: if one person yawns, this will cause another person to "sympathetically" yawn. The proximate cause for contagious yawning may lie with mirror neurons, i.e. neurons in the frontal cortex of certain vertebrates, which ... read more

I'm IN!

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Less than 30 minutes ago I have received THE call from G. A. from Symbian Ltd. Human Resources. I was waiting this call until the last 22nd of January, the day I came back from [en:London] after the Assessment Day of Symbian. Few details: Position: Software Engineer in London Office Starting date: 2nd week of April Salary: ENOUGH ( ;) ... read more