Full Frontal 2010 - My transcript

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Last friday I have attended Full Frontal 2010, a one day JavaScript conference organised by Left Logic. This has been the second time the conference ran: the first was last year. Full Frontal 2010 It was a very inspiring and stimulating day, with a very very nice line of speakers, all coming from different, but yet connected, areas of the ... read more

"X - Senza Titolo"

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"X - Senza Titolo" - Il Film from Ivan De Marino on Vimeo. This video is something we were supposed to put together… 10 years ago! we were young, stupid, bored and lonely in a country-side city. The video is in Italian, unfortunately. But I’m sure you can have fun even not understanding the speech. :D This is a sort ... read more

Apple TV 3.x with Boxee, USB Storage and AFP: a Non-How-To

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Our lounge recently welcomed an Apple TV first generation. It’s a simple, slick, beautiful piece of hardware. It’s Intel-based, has good hardware specs and has all the necessary output ports that a modern media center should have. And can do 1080p because is powerful enough: the new one can’t. Very self explanatory I bought with one aim in mind: Boxee! ... read more

"So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish"

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I have been thinking of writing a post to “motivate” why this should have happened. My most tweeted rant is: Symbian is dead, long live S60 But today Nokia decided to do it out of the blue (not really). So now I just have to acknowledge that I’m late. :) What the heck am I talking about? Yes, I know, ... read more

From Wordpress to Bloggart

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This post has been in my “TODO list” long enough. It’s time to put it in words. Let’s go! As you probably know, I decided to give up Wordpress.org in favour of Bloggart on App Engine. A great choice so far I must say. Migration, a proper one What I wanted to achieve My aim was to migrate more than ... read more

Rename Subdirectories in a Tree: the Bash way

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My granma always used to say every time she was recompiling the Linux Kernel of her wash machine: Bash Scripting is GREAT! Be sure you learn it. One day will understand why it can make your life much easier. And she was right! I’m not an Bash expert, but when I spend that 10 minutes putting together that scripts that ... read more

gredirector - 'HTTP 301' through App Engine

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When I decided to migrate to this new blog I was confronted by a very important issue: how do I make sure that the (already modest) traffic going to http://www.detronizator.org/* would be redirected to this new URL? _301 Redirection_ I started searching and I found this article by Danny Tuppeny on how to use a Google App Engine application to ... read more

Mind your own Belief

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cs> Come back to God. You are still on time to get baptised. You can save your childrens: baptise them! God will have mercy of their souls and allow them to the Heaven! me> Excuse me, what are you doing? cs> I’m spreading the world of Christ! me> Christ?!?! That is great! cs> Yes, I know. Thanks. me> So, he ... read more

Charles: not the Prince, the Proxy

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It’s around 3 months now that I’m spending majority of my time developing for the web. For both Career (my new job at Betfair) and Personal (my pet project txty.mobi) reasons. And when you do it pretty intensively, with a lot of JSON, Javascript code and what not, you need some tools to “ease tasks”. Particularly, the ones where you ... read more

Making Bloggart Sidebar more Flexible

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Bloggart from Nick Johnson is great. I think I made it clear that I love it (there hasn’t been a post so far with a mention about it). But it has some “shortcoming”: bits that a person like me, coming from Wordpress, always wishes were there. But no worries, we can always tune Bloggart: it’s the great part of Open ... read more