How to handle Proxy PAC configuration with Qt

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This article was originally written on another blog. That blog was never officially published, and it will probably never be. It was written on the 3rd of June 2010, but is still “somewhat important” and relevant. Since the post was published, Richard Moore <rich @linux…> has done a commit in the Qt examples directory that resamples very closely my code ... read more

Can Italy be trusted in building a Nuclear Reactor?

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Japan is facing one of the worst crisis since WW2: An earthquake, a subsequent Tsunami and now, worsts of all, a nuclear power crisis. Thousands died, and millions are now in huge danger. Japan is indeed facing a tragedy. The earthquake was not just a strong one: was the 6th in the list of most powerful earthquakes ever registered (i.e. ... read more

Bloggart: a bit more code, a bit less sleep

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Hi. I don’t know if you can notice it, but I just did few updates to the CSS of this Blog. Effects of sleep deprivation (no, I'm not THAT tired) If you are one of the few a followers of my Bloggart fork, you know what’s going on: Page support, changes to the “Squared” theme and more. I’m not yet ... read more

11/02/2011 - It happened today

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I’m impressed. Today a lot of important things just happened, and I think it’s work putting them down. Tahrir Square pushes Hosni Mubarak down After what he said yesterday night, I was not expecting this to happen so soon. Mubarak stepped down! In addition of being a great news for all my friends that are directly or indirectly related to ... read more

Android Honeycomb: is Google shooting itself in the foot?

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This video is great! Yes, quality wise is quite poor, it looks like the first movies from Pixar. But it’s quite amusing and “teasing”. Take a second to watch it: Definitely, Motorola is looking better and better at every new product (even though their market share is still ridiculously small). This video, with the whole set of products presented at ... read more

Creative Common Attribution Share Alike, Skins and... understanding

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Something very peculiar is currently going on behind the scene of this blog. My fork of bloggart has been taken and adapted to make a new website dedicated to a TV show, Skins. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The work has been commissioned by a not well specified “Skins Writer” entity to ScholisTech. ... read more

Bloggart: what's coming

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Dear Bloggart belovers (like there were any out there…), this is a quick update on what’s happening with my Bloggart fork. Yes, fork - this is now the correct way to calling it. Initially I was just touching and modelling the software to my personal needs. Now I’m really going in my own direction. Anyway, let’s stay focused. I was ... read more

The Shortest Christmas Holiday

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Here we are, trying to think of a title for this post. A post about what the HELL happened to us in our first attempt to go home for Christmas 2010. The only thing we thought about is “The Shortest Christmas Holiday”. You will have to live with that! :) 10:20 - Early arrival at terminal and great weather Our ... read more

Minification and Templating for Bloggart

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I’m sick home, but I can’t just sit in bed. It’s not how I work: I need to do something. So, I decided to give some love to Bloggart and put into proper code some features I already said I wanted to add. I just committed on my Bloggart fork quite a list of things: Support for JS and CSS ... read more

Too busy to blog?

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I have been thinking about a million posts to write, snippets of code to publish, CompSci problems to discuss. But I’m just really busy at work, and not finding the energy to publish anything worth more than a tweet. A pint for whoever gets why I putted this here Yes, Twitter. I do believe now that is what stops me ... read more